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Welcome to Botanical Bytes

Your digital portal to horticultural wit, wisdom, and adventure!

   The goal of Botanical Bytes is to ignite a love and passion for gardening and plants. I want to spark an excitement in new plant lovers as well as feed the flames of the experienced passionate gardener.  Whether there is a need to talk to experienced gardeners, flip through books, or sift through the endless information of the Internet, let me be your tour guide on your gardening adventure in the horticultural jungle.


    I love grabbing a digital shovel  to dig up little-known facts and interesting oddities about my subjects.  My articles and writings are full of more than just the basic and common.  I strive to compile information that is uncommon, unique, and little known, melding the facts into a cohesive one-of-a-kind offering gardeners will want to return to time and time again. From the practical to the fun, the information found here will allow you to impress family and friends with your knowledge as well as your green thumb when they ask about the wonderful leafy family members in your garden.


    When I post an article, I give a little piece of myself with each one. My love for plants and people has created a desire to reach out to the gardening community on a global scale. The Botanical Bytes website has provided an incredible tool to make this a reality.


     The Botanical Bytes databases are a work in progress. Articles will be added as I write about new experiences. So remember to visit monthly if not weekly to check out the newest and freshest bytes!