Botanical Bytes

A Virtual Buffet of Horticultural Knowledge

     Botanical Bytes are written to be a quick read—simple enough for beginners, but with enough new and unique facts to hold the interest of more advanced gardeners. The one-page format allows you to slow down just long enough from your busy world to enjoy a quick plant fix. These fixes are sometime needed to help us make it through the week until we can get our hands in the dirt again.


    Gardening is not just an activity. It is an active learning process in which we mold our environment into a form we find pleasing and enjoyable. Botanical Bytes hopes to provide the information required for this transformation in a fresh and entertaining format. 


    Generally gardening websites will give you basic information: Light, Moisture, Size, Flower Color, Hardiness, and possibly a few garden uses.  If you dig a little deeper, you will find there is so much more to explore, including the uses by early cultures and the fauna a particular plant attracts. The more we know about our plants, the more enjoyment they can bring into our lives.


    The soil of our favorite flower beds must be cultivated for our leafy family to thrive. Similarly, when we feed and nuture our minds, it will show in more than just our gardening endeavors.


    Join me in this gardening adventure, and may your plants be covered with as many bright blooming flowers, wonderful fragrances, birds, and butterflies as mine.