Plant Hunting Adventures

Chronicling the adventures of a plant hunter on the wild side.

    These short narratives provide a creative way to allow the growing Botanical Bytes community to travel with me on my plant-hunting adventures. My take on these experiences is enjoyable and generally educational.  There is no better way to learn how to garden than to explore and see where plants naturally grow best. It's one thing to plant beautiful gardens in a yard, but to encounter nature's perfection takes my passion for plants to a higher level.


    The stories are a combination of actual events and plant facts ... germinated and grown in the fertile soil of my imagination. These wild tales are meant to present information and knowledge in a new and enjoyable narrative format.


    Plants are natures gifts to all of us and they have so much to tell us in all of their leafy glory. So come join me on the adventures of the Crazy Plant Hunter to begin seeing horticulture and gardening in a whole new light. You may never look at gardening in quite the same way after walking with the Crazy Plant Hunter on an outdoor adventure. 


    The number of narrative articles will grow as I have time to continue my adventures in the coming years. There are many more mountains to climb, streams to cross, and flowers to find!  I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing about my experiences.

Adventures of the Crazy Plant Hunter